Enjoy yoga classes from the comfort of your home.  A combination of slow flow style classes, with a focus on breath and strength and flexibility classes.

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Looking to reduce stress, gain flexibility and strength?

Virtual Movement Studio offers yoga-inspired classes developed to help with that!

The slow flow yoga class focuses on breathing and mindful movement. This class is designed to help with stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and to cultivate a deeper awareness of the body.

The Strength and Stretch class is a combination class.  Incorporating light weights and body weight for the first part of the class.  It is designed to work the cardiovascular system and help to help build strength.  The second part of this class is focused on long-held stretches.  This class challenges the body and the mind.

Starting at $37/month

Breath Coaching

  • 20 Min. FREE Discovery Call
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • 1 Month Program
  • 4 – 30Min sessions
  • Weekly homework


Reduce stress, improve sleep and digestion.



  • 30 Min. FREE Discovery Call
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • 1 Session 
  • 4 Sessions
  • 8 Sessions


Individual movement sessions to meet your personal goals


Starting at $125/session

Driven by Passion

I understand the hustle and bustle of life and how it is when your mind never turns off.  Working hard and never having enough at the end of the month.  Knowing you want a change but lost on how to create it.  Desiring a different life but feeling guilty for having that desire.  The continual struggle with fatigue.

When I made the decision to stay home to raise my three children, I felt grateful for the opportunity, but my soul wanted more.  I did not know that then, I spent years trying side hustles.  I spent thousands of dollars on self-development courses, business courses and workshops.  I spent a lot of time in the hustle and going nowhere.  I felt exhausted and overwhelmed.  Ashamed to tell my friends and family that I was trying something new again.  So much time I spent trying things to feel fulfilled.  I was alone with my inner struggle of self-worth.

All of that started to shift for me when I embarked on my Yoga journey.  Specifically, the slower practices that provided time to be present and feel.  It started with the physical movement, but the more aware I became, the more that spread into my mental and emotional state.  This connection back to my core helped me see the areas I needed to change to fulfill my own desires.  I stopped grasping at things outside of myself to make me feel good short term.  I worked on my own inner landscape, my self-worth, my patterns, my healing.

I am here to help you move out of the chaos and into the calm from a place of clarity and clearer purpose for what you desire, in all areas of your life.

The Yoga Access Method

This 60 Day program is designed for successful professionals who want to maintain their active lifestyle.  The Yoga Access Method works on increasing mobility in the hips, lengthening the hamstrings, reducing back pain and relieving stress.

Investing years in building a successful career, with the intention of creating opportunities to enjoy later in life. That vision may feel unattainable now. 

Perhaps low back pain, tight hips and even lack of purpose may have set in.  The idea of travel or maintaining an active life style seems impossible. 

No need to settle for this, that same drive, investment and focus that made you successful is equally important to now do for your longevity and enjoyment of life.  

  • FREE Discovery call to identify your goals for how you want to move and feel moving forward in your life
  • 8 weeks of 1:1 coaching.  8 one hour private coaching sessions to customize to your personal needs and includes flexibility practice.  
  • Access to the monthly yoga membership at Virtual Movement Studio for the duration of the 60 day program
  • 15 minutes maintenance practice 5 days a week
  • Core connection sessions to cultivate awareness and connection to the mind and emotions as well as the physical body 
  • Access to the private Facebook community
  • 5 – 15 minute maintenance practice videos for you to keep at the end of the program
  • 3 – Breath work guide recordings for you to access any time
  • Signed copy of Fitness to Freedom, a best selling book in women’s health


Your class is the best part of my week! I feel different from when I start the class and my feelings at the end. It's a big part of my way of coping with my chronic pain. Never thought I'd say that about yoga but it's my truth. Really can't thank you enough Barb!

My lymphedema swelling was back this week, which made some moves difficult...but I did my best! When you talked about having us think about ourselves and you told us to make it positive, I was in tears and near the end of the class I was so relaxed. I almost fell asleep! Yoga can bring out so many emotions! You are such an amazing coach!

I am finding that the focus words chosen through the program, have brought more clarity to my daily activities. Thanks again!

-Camille, Entrepreneur

Let’s work together to get you moving with more ease, breathing with more ease and living with more ease

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